The Secret Bar; Evan and Peel’s Detective Agency

The Secret Bar; Evan and Peel's Detective Agency drinks
Image credit: Joshua Rappeneker on Flickr

For a drink in a more secretive location, surrounded by experts in the detective business, head down to Earls Court Road, Kensington. You shall be ushered into the agency discreetly and seated. Evans and Peel claim that no case is too big or too small for them to solve so take any troubles to the hidden bar and they’ll sort you out with the right drink. Their extensive cocktail menu is impressive. If you’re feeling tired we recommend the Moroccan Old Fashioned but if you’re looking for a refreshing kick then order the Shrubblemaker.

The Secret Bar; Evan and Peel's Detective Agency drinks
Image credit: Martin Varsavsky on Flickr

Every night is different at Evan and Peel’s so be sure to keep an eye on their website and twitter to hear of the latest ‘cases’ that are due to come into the agency. Their gin and jazz nights are especially popular and, as a result, frequent. The agency also welcome new singers and acts and often create special offers and discounted drinks for such special occasions.

Whether you take friends or colleagues, a night at Evan and Peel’s is bound to be brilliant and should you want to take a piece of the evening home, you can. Evan and Peel’s also offer cigar boxes in which you can pick four cocktails pre-mixed with serving instructions or select vintage spirits to purchase. With its popularity ever increasing, book an appointment soon with Evan and Peel’s Detective Agency and we guarantee you’ll have a mysterious evening.