Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

If you don’t already know Secret cinema is a full on immersive cinema experience and for hardened fans its not to be missed.  This London based events company, created in December 2007, is specialized in live cinema experiences.

In the early days Secret Cinema used to keep the film you were about see a secret , in order to surprise you each time. during the build up to the event the lucky ticket holders find out the venue only days in advance. Hence their slogan is “Secret audience. Secret locations. Secret worlds. Tell No One…” It will make you more excited !

They have somewhat strayed from the secret as it allows the audience to participate more with the full immersive experience. This was especially true of the last year Star Wars extravaganza. Where the audience and actors blended seamlessly.

If you like horror movies, the next events at Secret Cinema is made for you. An amazing si-fi thriller experience in reference to the Danny Boyle’s classic movie, 28 Days later will come soon. Jim, the main character, wakes up from a coma and discover that the UK is attacked by an incurable virus, he tries to find a refuge and he is one of the only survivors…

Secret Cinema

If being chased by Zombies in a dark room is not for you, their Dirty Dancing event is probably a better bet. later in the year.

Secret Cinema is an event for everybody who loves good movies, immersive theatre and If you like to explore the unknown don’t hesitate any longer.

If you are still not convinced check out the video of last years star wars event.