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Spotting Talent in The Events Industry

Today, for some Monday motivation, we are enjoying looking at all things positive. Following our article about the things all successful people do and believe which you can read here, we thought we’d discuss how to spot talent in the events industry and then what to do with it! Spread the positivity by tagging people in the business who you think have talent!



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The key to success in the events industry is organisation. Those that work in events have to be good listeners, understand what their clients are asking for and then ensure that they meet this criteria through careful planning, research and organisation. An event planner will think of everything and leave no stone unturned. The events industry is very much people-based and entails a lot of waiting around for availability checks but it’s the employees that chop and change their roles as necessary that have event organisation down!



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Not limited to the events industry, you don’t want to recruit inefficient workers. The fast-paced nature requires employees to be permanently switched on, proactive and efficient with their time and energy. Further, when problems arise, you need to ensure your team is packed with members who are quick on their feet! Passive workers thrive elsewhere in other industries but events employees, regardless of department, have to be on time and on target to thrive in this incredibly seasonal industry where time is always running out!


Forward Thinking

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It’s easier to spot this skill than you might think! When it comes to events, you’ll come across two camps of people; those who are constantly creative, willing and quick to think up new ideas for products and solutions to problems and those that take a back seat, doing just their job specification and nothing more. Further, look out for who does things the way they’ve always been done and who is actively implementing new processes, new structures and paying close attention to the numbers. These are the people who will better your business!


What to Do With Talent in The Events Industry

When you realise you have talent within your team, make the absolute most of it and, in the process, better your business! Ensure the office is a safe place for suggestions to be taken on board and feed the team’s ideas whenever possible! No change comes from doing the same as you always have done, after all! Make room for the new ideas, the more in-detail processes and the general improvements that talented employees bring! A strong team is a nurtured one! Recruiting talent for your events business can be difficult but we’re sure that, in reading this, you know what a great team you’ve got already! Tag them and share this post with them to let them know!

If you believe we might have left anything out then please do come forward and tell us what you look out for events employees. We’d also love for you to tag the talent among your own team!


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