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Summer Events to Book Now!

If you’re in charge of the office summer event this year, it’s officially time to talk about it! It’s just a lucky advantage that it tends to make you feel a little warmer! Picture outdoor events, the sun on your shoulders and pop up fun! If you need inspiration to kickstart summer brainstorming, here it is.


Sailing Regatta

Sailing Regatta  team corporate eventFor an away day packed with adrenaline, new skills and team unity, try our sailing regatta! Not only does it get the whole office out into the fresh air and onto the water but it is also a unique experience that develops team-building and communication intensely. Your team will have to work together as a crew to ensure things remain ship-shape as sailing a boat is a team activity! The day includes a breakfast, learning the basics, lunch, some practice and a race! It’s also a perfect opportunity for advertising – what’s not to love?


Kayak on The Thames

Kayak on The Thames corporate eventThis is one of the most unique products we have! Kayak on the Thames provides a great unique experience and the chance to see the beauty of the capital city from an entirely new angle! You’ll be met with wetsuits and all the equipment and will change before hitting the water to learn to kayak. From there, you’ll tour the Thames, admiring the city enroute to a popular landmark which you’ll reach in time to see the sunset! Enjoy dinner back on land before kayaking back! Your team will learn a new skill, build confidence and have a laugh!


Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival corporate eventThis popular product is a chance to send the team to become one with nature! Ditch computer screens and telephones for the peace and quiet of the wilderness in this survival course. Learn, from ex-military personnel, survival skills you’ll never forget such as fire-making, shelter building, food foraging and tool making. The team will develop their communication and social unity in an event they’ll never forget. Skills learned in this course are fantastic for any hikers who would love to learn how nature can provide for them while they’re out and about!


If any of these events seem appropriate, call us to talk on 02072744865 or on Facebook or Twitter.

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