Sweeten up Clients With Branded Candy

If you’re looking to sweeten up your clients then look no further, the future of promotional marketing material lies in branded candy (so they say). As a corporate gift or, indeed, a creative form of marketing strategy, we can see the appeal!


candy makingIf you have a sweet tooth, you might have already heard of Spun. Their pretty colourful candy shop can be found in the Spitalfields area and is a treat for the eyes just as much as its a treat for the taste buds! You are instantly met with candies of every kind and calibre. Whether you’re buying rock, lollipops or personalised candy for yourself or for your clients, you needn’t feel guilty because Spun are committed to only using natural flavours!
candySpun also let you become connoisseurs and create your own flavours! This particularly interests us because we’re thinking one thing: branding! Scan, brand, theme or style your hard rock to match virtually any request. It is also possible to get it wrapped in bespoke packaging and labels to promote your brand even further!

candy lollipopsThe Spun candy App makes this process mobile! You can use the App to design your own personalised sweets, add your name and logo and the candy makers will make it a reality! Alternatively upload a selfie picture on their website and they will make a three dimensional lollipop of your own and your teams faces! Then package it in your own branded packaging!



candy makingSpun also run events packages- candy making masterclasses, at home or away. Perfect if you want to sweeten up a new product launch or butter up some clients! They can also bring their candy making magic straight to you and your event with their pop-up kitchen and corporate gift packs are available so that your guests can take home a bit of candy heaven.



candyAlternatively, go to them! The group candy making masterclasses guarantee an afternoon filled with fun, laughter and teamwork, while learning the art of candy making. With help from the artists you will have the chance to design and make your own lollipops which you can enjoy at your own leisure and we can adapt our masterclasses to best suit businesses from all industries, in many different sizes.


One of their corporate masterclass videos:


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Image credit: Spun