Take The Team to a Sailing Regatta

Corporate events are often active or inspiring or teach new skills but are not often all three. We think our new sailing regatta event is an all-rounder that is bound to meet the needs of any corporate event. The sailing regatta event allows a team to work together to sail a boat. Once they have learned this new skill, there is a series of races that your team will compete in to add further excitement to the day’s events.

Sailing Regatta The programme entails breakfast with the team in the morning followed by a safety brief and some practice sailing, during which time everybody will learn the basics of sailing and have enough time to understand their individual roles and get sailing! After practice comes lunch in order to build the team’s strength up before the races! After a healthy amount of competition and thrill, there is time to have a small prize giving ceremony to reward your group.


Sailing RegattaThis event is unique in it’s sport and fun in its own right. It is a fantastic event both for your group of employees who already know each other and for clients and networking because the demand for group cohesion is a great way to network. The yachts (Identical Beneteau First 40’s) have the opportunity to advertise your company and brand with stickers should you choose to!


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