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Team-building Breaks!

As we draw closer to Christmas and the business starts to wind down, many fail to see this as the fantastic opportunity that it is! Having spare time in the office (and while the whole team is still in!) is a great chance to shake things up a bit with some fun team-building activities. We have a range of in-office activities that can be completed as quickly as in a lunch break and all the fun of the event comes to you! These are our team-building favourites.


Hunger Games V Art Attack

christmas in office activities events team-building communication trust
Jo Szczepanska, Unsplash

This is a great upbeat and exciting activity to get your team working together and having great fun! All you need is a little space and some materials from the recycling. Your mentor will come to you and ensure everything is set up. Your team will be split up into small groups with the same objective: to build the best tower. All the ingredients will be in the centre of the room for the free-for-all at the start! The mentor will also throw curve balls at the groups by making people switch teams halfway through, dictate other team’s materials and even heckle other teams with paper ammunition! Hunger Games V Art Attack is a fantastic breakout session.


Blindfolded Builder

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Blindfolded Builder

For a real demonstration of trust, the Blindfolded Builder challenge is only for the brave! Your group will be split into groups and within those groups someone will be blindfolded. Using the materials provided by the task manager, that person will have to build something great! Since they cannot see, the team has to better their communication and demonstrate teamwork by instructing the blindfolded builder what to do! If your team didn’t trust each other before, they will after this!

In-office activities and events are not only convenient but also offer a chance for your team to spend some quality time together!


For activities that are a little less training and a little more festive, see our article on how to end the year in-office with some quick Christmas fun!

Header image: Breather, Unsplash