Team Harmony – How Carols Create Unity

The number one search term for corporate events is ‘team-building’. Some offices will only participate in activities if it meets the company criteria that seeks strong working relationships, communication and team-building. Christmas is the perfect time to consider carol singing and they could save your team. Here’s how carols create unity!



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Turning your office team into a choir requires a lot of organisation which can only be achieved via communication. Typically, a professionally trained singer will be able to organise people into groups of similar voices and pitches. The team has to work together to learn their parts and harmonise with each other effectively. Since it is completely not work-related, you’ll be able to mix departments and get people speaking to each other socially, rather than for work!


Being a Part of Something

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There is no doubt that to be part of a choir is to be part of something. What’s important is that it is to be part of something bigger. Bigger than work, bigger than you, but part of a team that are learning to be in sync with each other. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate just what a team can achieve by working together!




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Music is one of the only things that can uniquely change your mood. Choir music is often uplifting with a lot of soul. It’s difficult to be belting out upbeat songs as a group and not feel uplifted! If anything will inject high energy into your group, it’s a choir!

Though it is always a good time to do something fun and creative with your team, there’s no better time than Christmas!


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Header image: Jamille Queiroz, Unsplash