How Technology Will Change Clients’ Expectations

Technology is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. Too often, we’re using it for personal use and forgetting to assess how it affects our business. The truth is that technology will change how all clients approach an events company and  their expectations.


The Immediate

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From the offset, a client, who is used to having everything immediately, will want to see everything immediately. Whilst that might seem daunting, technology allows you to achieve this. Your time spent brainstorming ideas before meeting the client will be a case of a live Skype call on the same day. Your paper proposal, once sent for perusal via email, will include a VR walk-round of the venue, letting the client not just see your ideas but be in them. This is how technology will affect your client’s immediate expectations.


The Build Up

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Your client will expect big things from your PR department. As a probable consumer of online media himself, he will expect you to create hype around the upcoming event. Social media channels increase on a daily basis but, far from seeing it as more to keep up with, your client will see it as an opportunity for greater outreach. And they’d be right. Their event promotion will be broadcast in video  – both live and pre-recorded, bringing their event to life before it’s even three dimensional. This is what the client of the future will expect from their event promotion.


The Big Day


Event technology is already allowing us to make better event planning decisions. We can access guest information, allowing us to anticipate our audience. We can combine calendars to ensure everything runs like clockwork. We can use Apps to organise the most efficient way of seating for us and we can tell a machine some general ideas and let it suggest themes. The client of the future will expect the event itself to be perfectly branded, with the right atmosphere from start to finish for the guest. He will also expect a venue with the latest technology to present with.

The event of the future will go without a hitch – assuming there are no technical difficulties!

We hope you enjoyed our look into the future and encourage comments and discussion below!

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