The Sky Garden

the sky garden
Mariano Mantel / Flickr

At 20 Fenchurch street, the impressive building towering over the River Thames, there is a place you can find outdoors on the indoors. The Sky Garden is beautiful. Once you fly up thirty five of thirty eight floors at 20 Fenchurch Street, you will step out into a slightly more humid atmosphere to discover beautiful gardens.

The Mediterranean and South African plants flower all year round within the Sky Garden so any visit is set to be beautiful. The gardens consist of a variety of plants and flowers, arranged by professional garden designers who best matched the colours of the plants to the amount of light that the building receives. Small nooks with some seating have been provided throughout the gardens so you are more than welcome to take a seat for a moment to take it all in.

the sky garden city view
Maureen Barlin / Flickr

Not only are the gardens stunning but so is the view. Since you’re on the thirty fifth floor, all of London is your view. There is a viewing platform outdoors on the opposite side to the gardens and people have been known to spend hours taking in all of London from this wonderful elevated viewpoint. With popular attractions such as Tower Bridge and the London Eye at your disposal, the breath-taking view could make anyone fall in love with the city.

Should you choose not to come back down to Earth, the Sky Garden has plenty to offer in the way of food and drink. The restaurant, the Darwin Brasserie sits just above the gardens and provides a range of dishes to be enjoyed. There is a café which serves hot and cold drinks and lunch foods and two bars. For a beautiful view of London, good food and stunning gardens, this is a must-see and, what’s more, it is completely free!

Header image credit: ‘Martin Pettitt’ / Flickr

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