Three Entertainment Ideas For Your Corporate Christmas Party

With the best venues getting booked up already for corporate Christmas parties, it’s important to lock down your ideas. You might have seen our article on how to get started, or even looked at our unique ideas, but have you thought about entertainment? A Christmas party is nothing without its fun so read on for three brilliant entertainment ideas to get you started.


Christmas Casino


A full casino theme is a fantastic idea for your corporate Christmas party, especially for larger companies. Whether you rent a casino out or organise games and machines to be delivered to your venue, it’s sure to let people play, drink and mingle as they work their way around the room. If your Christmas party is less Vegas and more Christmas then experiment with ways to make the games more festive.


A Blast From The Past


During Christmas, we look to the past with music, films and memories and decade-themed Christmas parties are incredibly popular. Live music from the past is much more special and immersive than the regular entertainers, especially when they’re dressed up! For a glamour feel, choose a 20’s band, complete with performers, or maybe you prefer swing from the 50’s or jazz from the 70’s. Regardless of which matches the energy of your event, it’s going to feel special for the team.


Live Storybook


Whether it’s a murder mystery or a themed dinner, having live actors to manoeuvre the venue with their stories and interaction can really bring a party to life. Live storytelling at corporate events has become incredibly popular in recent years and the craze isn’t going anywhere! Whether they act on the ground or perform suspended from the ceiling (the circus is always in town around Christmas corporate party season!), be sure to pick a script that wows!


If you have tried any of these and can share your experience, or if you’re inspired and are looking for more ideas for your Christmas party, either leave a comment or give us a call at 020 7274 4865 to get started!