Three Christmas Event Ideas

Christmas might not be, strictly speaking, right around the corner, but for event profs it has already arrived in full swing! Whilst three quarters of the festive job is, of course, organising the event and ensuring it’s smooth running, at least a quarter of the job is helping companies decide – mid-summer, how they would like their Christmas corporate event. Let’s kick off with three Christmas event ideas…



Outdoor Festive Festival


You might not be able to hire out a whole Christmas market for the team but you can certainly make your own! Even better, it can be branded to best represent your company! A festive market can be achieved with a hired ice rink and skates for ice skating, a large tree as a centre piece with ornaments for tree decorating, and some carefully chosen stalls and caterers to keep everyone warm with mulled wine and cider, crêpes and other festive delights! Christmas music from live DJ compulsory!


Wreath Making

Wreath Making christmas xmas decoration

This can be as festive or as team-building focused as you like! It’s a great hands-on Christmas event for the crafty and creative. With fresh foliage, wire and a professional, your team will be able to learn how to make a Christmas wreath. Throw some festive drinks and snacks into the mix while the company crafts the supplies into a wreath for the office, for their home or for a gift for clients and investors! Treat your team to a new festive skill!


Christmas Cooking

christmas cooking xmas

All the best corporate events involve food and cooking events have become increasingly popular. We find that the most successful events are a balance of learning to cook, getting hands-on and then enjoying the food afterwards! In a large kitchen, the team will get their aprons on to see a professional chef demonstrate the skills they’ll need to make a Christmas dinner or festive speciality. The team can get stuck in to the cooking together, enjoying the mulled wine as they go, before sitting down with crackers and crowns to enjoy the Christmas feast together!


If you’re interested in any of the above, give us a call on 020 7274 4865! If you have ideas of your own, let us create the perfect bespoke event for you and your team!


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