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Three Technology Advances in Events

Following our article on Robots, the exhibition at the Science Museum, we decided to examine technology’s advances in the events industry. Whilst we don’t have robots taking your name and coat at the door and guiding you to your seat, it might not be that far off! Until then, these are the top three technology advances that you need to be aware at present!


Ticket Technology

ticket scanning

Gone are the days of a human check of the ticket! Since the event industry has been the victim of ticket hoaxes, and since large scale events have plenty of tickets to check, ticket technology has advanced! Tickets now have barcodes that get scanned and clarified. This type of technology has even snuck into advertising, with posters encouraging the audience to scan codes with their phones to interact with the brand via an app. Etickets are also making a move, especially with the popularity of technology such as the Apple Wallet, which people are using for payment and boarding passes and all sorts!


The ‘Share’ Factor

Share factor technology advances in events

With increasing focus on social media platforms, every social app wants us to video our life at the moment. What used to be Snapchat has moved on to Instagram stories and Facebook Live. With more and more people sharing their lives and activities online as they’re doing something, the events industry is making their settings more interactive. If you have any suspicion at all that your event is snappable, you might want to invest in some background branding to let your attendees audience see where they are and put your name out there.


Social Seating

social seating technology advances in events industry

This particular concept seems really obvious and yet we are only just hearing about it! Apps such as SeatID takes your guests into consideration before personally seating people in an organised way based on connections. Letting something analyse the data and arrange people for you is not only convenient but a sure fire way of people networking and socialising at your event! With technology as smart as this, your events could be the ones to go to for making business connections and truly engaging with similar people!



If you’ve tried any of these, be sure to let us know either in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter. For more technology talk, see our article on the Science Museum’s ‘Robots’ exhibition which will intrigue and inspire!


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