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Top 3 Bottomless Brunch in London

Brunch is one of the best ways to kickstart a weekend. It’s also a great way of recovering from a hangover if you kickstarted your weekend on a Friday night! Whatever it is that you do over the weekend, there is always room for brunch. We’ve come up with our top three bottomless brunch spots to cater to every person!


For Something New

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Bounce, the most popular ping-pong bar in London, has a bottomless brunch every Sunday. If you’re not up to actually playing ping-pong then don’t worry, the food is entertainment enough. But before you go expecting typical breakfast foods, we should mention: it’s pizza. Not just normal pizza, but breakfast foods on pizza. Personally, we’re entirely up for this ingenious exploration into mixing our two favourite foods. If you’re not, then we’re sure the unlimited Prosecco and live DJ’s will change your mind.


For a Hangover

brunch in london

When you’re hungover, you just want some fatty foods for breakfast and to know that someone is taking care of you. Clapham North have nailed this concept perfectly. Expect the typical breakfast menu but with recovery kits too. What’s in a hangover recovery kit, you might ask? Card games, Berocca, some vitamins, sunglasses, rehydration sachets, sweets for a bit of energy and, of course, there will also be Prosecco available if you believe in the hair of the dog! This is a great one to visit with friends to share the experience with you while you all nurse your heads!

For Food

brunch in london steak

If nothing is going to soak up the previous night’s drink for you but meat then head to Sunday Hanger for some steak roast Sunday. The times are generous in terms of allowing a lay in (lunchtime onwards). Head to Fulham for a very chilled out atmosphere so you can enjoy a quiet late brunch that focuses solely on the dining experience. Give one of these a try next weekend…breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all!



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