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Top Three Corporate Gifts

The benefits of corporate gifting are varied, including consolidated branding, internal cohesion and attracting new business and new customers. If you are stuck for a place to start corporate gifting then here are our suggestions:



Corporate Gifts
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Hampers are one of the most popular corporate gift options of all time. Typical hampers include sweet treats, savoury snacks or liquor. Whilst the products themselves within the hamper aren’t necessarily directly related to the company, the picking of several products to make a hamper is personal and the packaging can be too! Be sure to brand the packaging with your logo so as to give a visual reminder of your business!



Corporate Gifts stationary

Branded stationary is the easiest corporate gift, not just because it is convenient to source, but also because it is easy to hand out. You can send branded stationary as a gift or to be helpful. How many times have you had a meeting where someone asked to borrow a pen or notebook? Handing out branded stationary and allowing people to keep them, gets your logo outside of your office and into someone else’s. By seeing your logo on a daily basis, not only will they remember you but also advertise you when their clients ask about the branded stationary.


Personal Touches

Corporate Gifts
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If you have more time then we recommend a more personalised and individual approach to gifting clients. For example, buy their favourite whiskey or buy them the golf club they’ve been lusting after. Whilst this does nothing for the advertising of your business, it shows the client that you know them well, have good taste and they will always have positive association with the gift, thinking about you when they use it.



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