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Top Three Happy Tube Stations

Some might read the title and see it as an oxymoron, I mean, when was the last time you could describe your tube commute as ‘happy’? Well, perhaps you’re using the wrong stations! The average London worker spends one to two hours commuting to and from work and, since we think that’s a considerable amount of time to spend, we thought we’d highlight the happiest tube stations.



oval tube station

As a resident of the nearby area, you might say I’m bias for choosing Oval as my favourite but the facts do support me! Oval station, though small and forgotten about, is actually quite nice and most of London agree. Staff are always on hand and they play classical music, which is a pleasant change. There’s a bit of greenery around to combat the tunnel fears. Oval are famous for being one of the best stations for motivational quotes- if you don’t read the white board we strongly suggest you do! It even has a neat little bookshelf for you to swap your finished read of the commute for someone else’s. Greenery, motivation and community, Oval has to be in the top three happy tube stations!


Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf tube station

This one seems obvious because it’s one of the most used tube stations for the work commute. Before you say it’s too busy (which it is) and people tread on each other’s toes (which they do), it has its advantages! For one, it’s the quickest and easiest exit ever—none of that running through tunnels, just out and up! It comes out with greenery right next to it just in case you needed it! It also has shops inside, just in case you needed another coffee and maybe a browse before you are ready to resurface over ground and go to work! You don’t get bothered, you rarely see drunk passengers and everyone is happy, making it suitable for this happy tube station list!


Waterloo Station

waterloo tube station

Waterloo Station, of course, has the grey interior that is prone to causing commuting depression, we say this as a disclaimer. That being said, it’s a pretty happy station! Food, drink and shops greets you, making it opportune for the work commute and great for Friday night drinks! Above all else, just to be honest with you, we chose it because of the travellators. We don’t know your age and we don’t know your personality, but we believe that, no matter who you are, you can’t help but feel a bit Godlike when you’re pacing a travellator with the breeze in your hair! That rounds up Waterloo Station as our third happy station contestant!


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Whilst we’re underground, see the burial ground archaeologists discovered whilst working in the tunnels for Crossrail’s Elizabeth line!


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