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Travel Photography

Travel photography has become one of the most popular forms of photography in the world. There are awards of recognition or them nowadays but it’s not an easy process. Some believe that anyone can create a great photo on their travels because they pass the most naturally beautiful backdrops – but that’s not necessarily true. These are the top three considerations when taking travel photography…



travel photography portraits
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From popular campaigns such as Strangers of New York to portraits in different cultures, portrait photography has become a large part of travel photography. Whilst some people specifically travel to meet new people, others are more reserved, feeling the need to snatch a photograph of people discreetly rather than ask someone for a photo and take their time to line up the shot.  Alternatively, for less posed photographs, you might be inclined to find a good spot somewhere else and use your awareness to know when to shoot.



travel photography composition
Hisu Lee, Unsplash

Whilst some of the best photos are entirely unplanned, you’ll find that the majority are carefully composed. Generally, it is best to consider the lighting, positioning, colour and texture, forefronts and backgrounds as well as the centre photos. It is generally good practice to really see a photo in your mind before you reach for your camera and immediately snap away. Taking a little more time to scope out your surroundings and all the components of a potential image is a sure-fire way of  achieving a great photo.



travel photography landscape
Yoosun Won, Unsplash

Most travel photographers know that they are looking to achieve great photographs of the place they are visiting which drives people to typical tourist attractions. It is these attractions that are quick to show the audience where you were when the photo was taken. The best travel photographers, however, aim for a unique quality by taking the photo from an unusual angle, creating composition or thinking outside the box. More typical landscapes focus on being able to identify what kind of feelings clients are going to cover.


Whichever type of photography you prefer, travel photography is a crucial way of capturing the places you visit and the things you experience. Whether you’re hoping to win the travel photograph of the year or just wanting to better remember the places you’ve been, considering these three elements will, no doubt, better your photography.

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