tropicana beach club

Two Venues That Take You on Holiday

Do you ever think that, no matter how good the clubbing scene in London gets, it’s just not the same atmosphere as Ibiza? Do you want all of the fun from themed events without the hassle? We might have two venues perfectly suited to you!


Tropicana Beach Club
Tropicana Beach Club

Tropicana beach club is exactly as it sounds. Expect life size palm trees, blue water lighting and a dance floor that literally makes you dive right in since it’s themed like a pool! Come straight off the grey streets of London to the lush greens of Tropicana Beach Club and let the setting, the music and the fruity cocktails give you the holiday feeling we all crave over the winter months. Hosting your private event at the Tropicana Beach Club, which offers a range of huts and shacks to maintain the theme, is a great way of getting a themed party without hassle so take your team away.



London City Summer House takes the popular concept of city beaches and combines it with space, entertainment, catering and practicality. Expect green grass, soft white sand, some deckchairs, outdoor seating, pop up style summer foods and a wonderful outdoor space for activities. It also has an indoor space suitable for parties, screenings, presentations, theming and even some gaming machines, should you want them. The London City Summer House’s size allows it to be a flexible space with large capacities and definitely as the ‘wow factor’ about it!



If this solves the venue but not the activity, take a look at our events here. Also see our article on touring the naughtier side of London!