Ways to Motivate your Team, Apart From Money…


One must ensure his or her company is staffed with people who look forward to coming to work every day for more than a paycheck. Happy and productive staff are the bedrock of your company. This happiness and productivity may not just happen. As a manager, you need to actively think about mechanisms by which you can achieve this as a way to increase productivity as a whole.


  • Support new ideas
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If a member of staff comes to you with a new idea or a different way of doing things, it means they care. Empower your staff to become independent thinkers, foster creativity and allow them a sense of ownership over their ideas. This is motivational, even if the ideas may not always work out.


  • Don’t let them become bored
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No one’s attention span is as long as the whole working day. Productive workers split the day up into manageable sized chunks with attainable goals set at certain stages throughout the day. These goals are concrete and their end result observable. As a leader, you can help your employees do this- create a weekly happy hour, or let someone else chair a meeting to overcome the monotony of the working day.



  • Be a leader worth following.
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Listen to your employees- in some ways the easiest tip yet the hardest to adhere to. Create a time frame within which they can see you with any queries. Set an example to your employees. People work better if they respect their boss and their opinion, and can see they are working hard and have their employee’s interests at heart.



Another way you can motivate your team in the festive period is with Award Ceremonies

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