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Weird and Wonderful Things to Eat in London

London is a trap that entices you here and traps you here but you can’t say that Londoners aren’t explorative in other ways. Clearly, no one here was ever told not to play with their food. The result? The large number of weird and wonderful treats to eat in London! We suggest you start eating your way around immediately!


Ice Cream in a Candy Floss Cloud

candy floss

Put your two favourite childhood sweets together in an unmissable mix. The Milk Train can be spotted from a little while away thanks to the 45 minute queue that ensues outside it every single day. Selling an average of 400 products a day, picture a range of ice cream flavours and old style sweet toppings (we’re ordering rainbow drops…obviously). The cone is then whipped round a candy floss machine to encase the ice cream in a halo. Does that mean the toppings that fall off are caught in the candy floss net? Genius.


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

macaron ice cream sandwiches

These have become increasingly popular as of late but Yolkin was one of the first in London to figure out that, not only was the whites only method of macaron making wasteful, but that ice cream could be made from the yolks of eggs! And so, Yolkin was born! The pop up moves about quite a lot and sells just four unique flavours at any time so be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with where and what’s happening! List of Life tip? Be early! They sell like hot cakes and when there’s none left they go home. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


A Big Naan Sandwich

food naan curry indian

You’re not a Londoner if you don’t try food off the street – from a van obviously, not the pavement. Pilau Pot, who move around London to feed us so check their location on their Twitter, sell a range of marinated meats and heaps of fresh pilau rice in a big naan. You can get your Indian fix in one easy combination! You can have your meal served in a pot if you really want it but, personally, we never pass up on naan bread.



cheese toastie macaroni cheese

All the best meals and snacks have it. London loves cheese. If you’re not afraid of a dairy overload, head to Grill My Cheese and opt for the macaroni cheese sandwich or the Patty Melt. It’s just pure joy in one big, delicious, comfort-eating approved toastie. It’s a little on the heavy side so don’t plan an active day post-melt but it is a must-try on the right day!

If you know of tastier stops throughout the city, do let us all know in the comments!


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