What Will Affect Event Trends in 2017?

We’re a month into the new year so we can already begin to estimate what the year of 2017 will look like to the events industry. If you are interested in the pointers, here are the things that will affect event trends in 2017.


Social Media

social media

Everyone is talking about live streaming to market discounts live and make their events as visually interesting as possible so it gets live streamed by customers. Online social networking is also set to be important in 2017 and every company is looking to increase their online following. On average, we spend 2 hours and 13 mins on social media and post 1.8 billion photos daily. With people being media and photo obsessed, PR, marketing and events are no longer stand-alone jobs; the events industry will look for all-rounders.



VR technology

The better technology, the more expectations in events. 2017 is set to be the year of personalisation and customisation. The event industry is also using AI and chat bots and online booking systems more than people. VR is going to be more popular in events, showing clients how they can expect themed venues to look and to enhancing the experience of events in general. Packages are in decline, with clients using the two fastest growing apps in UK – Uber and Airbnb, to organise their own transport and accommodation.



UK flag

Brexit will begin to change peoples’ thinking and decisions. For example, with the division on everybody’s mind, events companies are beginning to recognise the necessity of building stronger relationships with suppliers, venues, customers and marketing the message that they are accessible and approachable. The verdict is still not certain on whether the increased difficulty and cost to host events overseas will grow the UK market or if the weak pound will cause people to focus on international events for better value for money.


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