Wine Growing in the English Countryside?

wine growing grapes
Image credit: Milada Vigerova, on unsplash

When you think of fruitful, wine-producing regions, you don’t think of Northumberland in England. However, due to climate change, England could soon become prime locations for Sauvignon Blanc – with Pinot Grigio grown as far north as Scotland and Northumberland. By 2100, the trajectory of climate change causing rising global temperatures could see traditional wine growing regions of Tuscany, Bordeaux and Rhone Valley, overtaken by regions of central and eastern England.


Image credit: Stephanie McCabe, on unsplash

This forecast is based on research published from UCL which assessed average temperature and rainfall conditions required for growing different grape varieties, correlated with predicted changes in climate over the next 85 years. Different types of grapes, which create different wines, grow in different optimal climates. Specific regions of England would be capable of growing Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Pino Grigio. As well as being an exciting time for wine lovers, vineyards are great news for rural communities and their economies, providing more and better job opportunities.


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Header image credit: Karsten Würth, on unsplash