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World’s Biggest Light Festivals

If you’re not afraid to travel for your illuminated art then you might be interested to know the world’s best light festivals. Light has been admired and celebrated for many years and we’re not just talking about Diwali. Art seems to brighten more and more every year and these are the world’s biggest light festivals.


Kobe Luminarie, Japan

kobe luminarie festival japan
jpellgen, Flickr

The Kobe Luminarie light festival in Japan commemorates those who lost their lives in the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995. Like lighting a candle in memory, Japan light up Motomachi Station and the JR Kobe line, starting at Former Foreign Settlement and reaching Higashi Yuenchi Park. From iconic gateways to the fountain of light, the city pays its respects annually and with many other reasons to visit Japan, add this to the list of things to experience!


Glow, Eindhoven

glow eindhoven light festival
Ton Nolles, Flickr

GLOW is a festival, focused entirely on light and art. Around 40 light artists currently contribute to lighting up the area, offering a large number of art installations and sculptures. Beyond light structures, the festival also entails projections and performances, mixing the still art with celebrations. Most visitors enjoy GLOW light festival by following a walking route and the whole event is free! Famous for its technology, this would make an easy city break and a great place to visit!


Loy Krathong Festival, Thailand

lanterns thailand light festival
John Shedrick, Flickr

This light festival sees colourful illuminated art structures and costumed performers carnival their way around the area for onlookers. It is also famous for the lanterns and water lights. The festival honours the Goddess of Water, thanking her for the bountiful amount the people have and asking for forgiveness of the ensuing pollution. The annual festival dates depend solely on the full moon so this year it takes place November 3-5th.


Light up your travels this year and attend one of the world’s biggest light festivals. You won’t be disappointed!

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