Your Post Event Checklist

After all the event planning has been done and the event has been executed without a hitch, it’s important to remember that it isn’t over yet. There are a number of steps that round off an event and ensure future success. Here is your post event checklist.


The Party Bag


A branded souvenir can make all the difference. Ensure that people are leaving your event with something to remember it- and your company, by. Lots of events do this with ease by adding complimentary photographs and a USB stick with information. The more creative you are with your souvenir, the more people will actually pay attention to it. Give people some thing they can use every day and you’ll successfully have incorporated your brand into the everyday. Just make sure that the end of the event isn’t the end of a relationship.


The Email


It’s important to thank every attendee for giving their time and attention to your event. You can highlight some of the best moments of the event and reiterate it’s purpose. A great way of giving your guests something back in this email is to provide everyone will photos from the event, especially of your guests. They’ll be more likely to scroll through the email and pay it attention if there is a chance they’ll spot themselves among the photo album! The goal is to remind people of the great event and what it was for.


The Follow Up

Blue Diamond Gallery
Blue Diamond Gallery

Out of sight, out of mind. We cannot stress enough the importance of a follow up email a few weeks or so after the event. Remind people of who you are, what you do and how their attendance at the event has contributed. For example, if it was a fundraising event, give an update on how much was raised and what it was spent on. If it was a networking event, highlight the best partnerships that came from it. If it was a product launch, update people on sales and reviews. There is always more that you could share, to keep people informed, involved and thinking of you.


These three post-event tasks will ensure that you’re practicing appropriate event courtesy and staying relevant long after your event.